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Too many property assessors in New Orleans

By March 22, 2006Uncategorized

Post-Katrina, one can easily detect the rapid shifting of job ratios.  As you drive around and look up you can see the many roofers who have immigrated to New Orleans.  We have lots of roofers, and that’s a good thing.  On the other hand, we have too many property assessors.  Seven to be exact. And that’s bad.

We had too many property assessors before Katrina hit.  But, for sure, what with our ‘shrunken footprint’ and all, we are now officially overstocked on assessors.  There really should only be one assessor.  And that’s the subject of Ray Ward’s informative post about the ‘I.Q. candidates’ now running for assessor.

You gotta love the political scene here in New Orleans.  It’s not quite as exciting as Iraq, but it’s close.

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