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Today is ‘Damage Assessment Day’ in New Orleans

By September 2, 2008Uncategorized

Local radio news is busy interviewing local officials who are all frenetically trying to figure out when and how to get the ‘general populace in exile’ back. Power is down, some rivers are rising, and all kinds of logistics need to be figured out. I rode my scooter Uptown for about an hour and saw some serious damage, but not too much of it.

I saw about 8 large trees toppled, but mostly it was small branches that littered the street. Some business awnings were down (e.g. Fat Harry’s). Hardly any roof damage, and what little I saw was minimal. Bars are starting to open, and that’s the first sign that New Orleans is rebooting. The Avenue Bar on St. Charles is open, as are Three Brother’s Bar and Henry’s Bar on Magazine St. Slim Goodies grill is open too, and doing a brisk business. As power gets turned on I suppose more places will open up.

I’ve posted a few pictures from my scooter ride. If you live in the Uptown area and need me to check on your house I’ll be happy to scooter by. And, as always, for the latest information check my Twitter feed.

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