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Today in New Orleans: Uptown springs to live (and I spot a celebrity)

By September 3, 2008Uncategorized

Just finished riding the circuit of Uptown. Lots of businesses open (well, relatively considering almost none were open yesterday). My Twitter feed has the details. I’ll post some pictures in a bit. There were many Power trucks out and I noticed quite a few blocks Uptown with power restored. Someone said they live in Lakeview and had power, so maybe the power will come back for some areas a lot sooner than expected.

The most thrilling moment of my bike ride was spotting celebrated New Orleans author Michael Lewis tooling around on his bicycle, one of the only bike riders I spotted wearing a helmet. Oh, and he had the most magnificent grin across his face. I have to say, it was quite a nice day for a bike ride, and the people on the street couldn’t be nicer. Even without power, energy-wise and political-wise (true before Gustav), New Orleans is a great city.

Hopefully, we’ll all soon be smiling.

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One Comment

  • Carlos says:

    Hello, found your web on a google search. Can you tell me if the 2200 block of St. Charles Ave. has power now? I’m in Baton Rouge, not sure if i should return today or tomorrow. Thank you.

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