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TIVO now has permalinks

By November 8, 2004websites

What are permalinks?  They’re hyperlinks, nothing more.  So now TIVO lets bloggers create links to so that people who use the web programming feature can quickly program their TIVOs.  Here’s the concept.  Let’s say I want to recommend that you watch Meet the Press tomorrow (which is what Rick Klau is doing).  I can post a reference to the show and the time, but now I can also create a hyperlink that allows TIVO owners to click on the link and immediately be brought to a screen where they can program their TIVO (via the Internet) to record that show.  Apparently, TIVO adopted this idea at the urging of blogger George Hotelling

More and more we are seeing this sort of use of hyperlinks.  Apple’s music store has a hyperlink capability, and now we have TIVO doing it.  In TIVO’s case it makes a lot of sense to do things that distinguish them from the local cable companies, who are now offering PVR capabilities at a minimal additional monthly cost.

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