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3 tips to reduce noise & simplify a complex world

  1. Look for simple, but valuable, information inputs. If you want to improve your eating habits easily read Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules. If you want to learn how to communicate better (and get tuned into marketing in the social media world) read Seth Godin’s weblog. Find more books and websites like these.
  2. Filter out the simplistic and low-value information sources: mainstream media such as network news or CNN. Try watching Charlie Rose and The Daily Show for a week instead of watching any traditional news and see how that feels. Notice how many interesting new books you’ll learn of by watching these shows (one of which is a “comedy show”).
  3. Learn to communicate in new, more effective ways: read Dan Roam’s book The Back of The Napkin, or Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment.

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