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This Week in Law Podcast #1

By October 23, 2006Uncategorized

The inaugural episode of of TWIL (aka ‘This Week in Law’), hosted by Denise Howell is available here.  I’m one of the panelists, along with John Palfrey and Catherine Kirkman.  This week’s guest is Hank Barry, the former CEO of Napster and also a former partner of the prestigious law firm of Wilson, Sonsini.  Hank is now a Venture Capitalist and has some provocative observations about the effect of laws like the DMCA on start up companies.  We also had a nice discussion of the possible legal woes of YouTube, but this was recorded before the Google acquisition.  The next TWIL netcast, which we recorded last Friday, spotlights Mike Arrington of TechCrunch, and will feature discussion of the Google acquisition of YouTube since Mike was a source for the Wall St. Journal’s pre-announcement scoop.

So  tune in and send us your comments and criticisms.  We’re all about feedback, be it positive or negative.  And if you have suggestions for topics or guests please send those along too.

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  • more crazies I guess says:

    George Bush, Karl Rove and the Republican National Committee start their really dirty tactics next week. You got a taste of it this week when Rush Limbaugh viciously attacked Michael J. Fox — accusing him of faking the effects of Parkinson’s disease. But next week it’s going to get much worse. Desperate Republicans will be throwing everything they have at us.

    During this last week the Republicans launched a race-baiting ad in Tennessee. Republicans also used a recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision to scare voters away from supporting equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans.

    If you thought they were already at the bottom, be prepared: the Republican attack machine will go lower next week.

    The goal of these last minute Republican smears is to disgust voters with the whole system and drive down turnout. It’s calculated, cynical and undemocratic. But all too often, it works.

    The Republicans oppose an increase in the minimum wage. They don’t want Congress to check or balance President Bush. And they are terrified of ethics reforms which could cut off their fat cat donors and expose their corruption. So expect the attacks to get worse over the next few days.

  • Aaron says:

    Is it just me, or does it sound like the last two comments were written by spam engines or people who speak English as a third language? Attracting the crazies is all part of being popular though – good job, Ernie.

  • John Feeney says:

    You have a listener, technical issues are a constant.I gave credit to you and your group on our blog.Disc Duplication falls right in line DRM issues.

    We will do our best here to forward your groupmore industry people. For a fact, contacts atSony plugged in…thinking outside the box,with real answers not just opinions…

  • Mike Fergusons says:

    Now is your chance:

    It is ashamed that this country has lost focused on what is important during these election debates. On every major media source, on line, radio and TV talk shows, everyone is talking about the war this, or the war that.. Here is what I am going to be posting at these sites:

    “Some people might consider all this “stay the course” and other Iraq war talk debatable. But, when you look at how this administration handled Katrina and the Gulf coast it becomes very clear how incompetent they are at governing and taking care of the real important issues. The issues at home. More than 750,000 people lost their homes. Many of them still have no relief and the billions spent on recovery was mostly sucked up by Halliburton and other middle companies that were not from the devastated areas. Small businesses that were ruined in the disaster areas have not received the relief they were promised. Why should Halliburton and other cozy companies, receive the lion’s share of relief dollars? Why were people left stranded for days?”

    The biggest thing these guys want to do right now is steer the national debates away from this foul up. lets not let them do this. You guys should go to these web-sites and help keep these important issues alive in these discussions. Speak up New Orleans! Call in on these national radio shows and ask the question “Why aren’t we talking about Katrina, Fema, and Global warming?”

  • SoCal Lawyer says:

    Ernie,Great job. The ambient noise was a little distracting but I am sure that will improve over time. Look forward to hearing more from you’re crew.

  • francis Puertos says:

    Are you a Pc or a Mac? I think you are more of a Mac.

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