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Theresa Anderson rocks out on Craig Ferguson

By June 11, 2009new orleans
If you live in New Orleans you've probably seen Theresa Anderson and you know what a great musician she is.  But it's nice to see other folks getting exposed to her great spirit and wonderful talent.

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  • Tad Bartlett says:

    Don’t know if you had the chance to see her JazzFest set, Ernie, or if you were out of town then, but it was pretty mesmerizing. SHe’s a great example of someone who is never content in her craft or her art, but is always looking for ways to expand her expression and her ability. May we all take a lesson from that.

  • I’ve never seen her before (I’m up here in NYC) but thanks for reposting the youtube video.

    now that I’m a laid off BigLaw attorney, I have plenty of time to find new artists, read more books, and learn more things so I’m always looking for new music, new sources of inspiration, etc.

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