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There won’t be any humvees around come Mardi Gras

By January 15, 2006Uncategorized

A good friend of mine spoke to someone high in the National Guard chain-of-command and it appears that all 800 of the military humvees that have been patrolling New Orleans will be gone by Mardi Gras.  Apparently, local political officials are not happy about this; but some folks in the Louisiana State decision-making world are concerned about having the military around when Mardi Gras happens.  My guess is that Mardi Gras is just a convenient excuse to pull the troops out.  Me?  I’d wait til after Mardi Gras, but what do I know? 

One thing is fairly certain: most of us here in New Orleans will be sad to see the National Guard leave.  Hopefully, their absence won’t lead to a rise in crime.

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