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The web equivalent of being put on hold

By October 19, 2004websites

So I get a routine E-mail that asks if anyone knows, let’s say, a probate lawyer in Nevada. And I say to myself, well I don’t know a probate lawyer in Nevada but I’ve gotten familiar with a lot of lawyer bloggers so maybe there’s a lawyer blogger in Nevada. I’ll just Google ‘nevada blawg’ and see what happens.

And what happens is that I’m directed to Glenn Garnes’ very nice site, One Big Blawg. The Google hit result seems to suggest that there is a blog in there that I might be interested in. So I try to follow the link, but I’ve got to ‘sign up’ first. I take the time to do this, and in the process indicate that I’m a ‘Louisiana’ attorney (hey, maybe someone will try the same thing I’m trying one day). Then, I wait for the confirming E-mail and follow the link contained therein.

Now I’m back at the One Big Blawg site, but this time I’ve got ‘special privileges,’ because I signed up. I start searching for lawyer blogs in Nevada. Hmmmm. Seems I’m not finding any. Oh, maybe there aren’t any Nevada lawyer blogs (or maybe I don’t know how to properly search for them on this site). I know, I’ll search for Louisiana and see if my blog is now listed. Nope. Okay, maybe I just have to wait ‘4 to 6 weeks for delivery.’ Or maybe the site isn’t optimized for web-surfers who do searches like the one I did.

I don’t mean to pick on Glenn’s site, because it’s a great site and he’s a great guy. But perhaps user-feedback would be appreciated by the folks who create sites like these. Hence, my comments.

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