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The Soused Shall Rise Again

By June 23, 2006Humor

After Katrina you learn to celebrate the little ‘firsts’ that creep back into everyday life. I remember the first day my garbage got picked up, and then the first day that some mail showed up. The mail was screwy for a long time, and magazines are still not delivered with any regularity. The first magazine that got shoved through the mail slot on my front door was, ironically enough: Modern Drunkard. I only subscribe to 3 magazines, the other two being The Economist and The New Yorker. Modern Drunkard has a website, a book, and also a yearly convention. It’s being held in Las Vegas this year and the motto this year is “Say it Loud, Say it Plowed.” Obviously next year’s convention should be held in New Orleans; and the motto would be pretty obvious don’t you think?

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