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The secret to successful use of technology in a corporate setting

It’s sad how much money is wasted on technology.  If you need transportation and you buy a car then you aren’t wasting money.  But if the car doesn’t run properly so that you don’t use it then you have a problem.  Corporations buy lots of technology. Amazingly, most of that money is wasted because they don’t know how to use technology properly.

What’s the secret to using technology well in a corporate world?  I don’t really care, because I gave up on the corporate world.  But, if I ever went back to that world, then it would have to be a company that understands this principle.

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One Comment

  • Adriana says:

    You forgot to mention that the secret to using technology effectively as a solo is to have your very own trainer at your beck and call. Must be niiiIIIIIIiice…

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