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The Power of Linkedin

By January 31, 2007web-tech

Linkedin is an online professional network that’s growing by leaps and bounds.  Mike Arrington over at TechCrunch just reported that the company (which has been profitable since March of last year) has recently raised $13 million in additional financing.  I can see why because I find myself captivated by the power of this amazing social network.  For example, I check my Linkedin home page every day for updates on my ‘connections’ (i.e. people that I’ve linked up to in Linkedin).  Today I saw that Jack Vinson had posted a question about how to market effectively; several people had already provided some cogent responses.  I also saw that Enrico Shaefer, Bruce MacEwen and Marty Schwimmer had each added a new contact.   

And I saw that someone was looking for a fulltime paralegal to help them do EDGAR filings.  The law firm was in New York, but the candidate could work remotely, or as the notice put it: "This is a rare opportunity to use your experience without the hassles of a corporate environment, commuting, etc." I’ll bet that several top-notch candidates have applied already.  Remember, this is a network of over 8 million people.  There are a lot of connections that can be made in a network that size. 

So what are you waiting for?

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