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The Power of Google & the power of blogs

By June 16, 2004websites

Last week when I was at the Louisiana Bar Convention in Destin, Florida I blogged about the joy of discovering a nearby bar/restaurant that had free Wi-Fi. I had a chance to talk to one of the owners and he said that he had publicized the free Wi-Fi on the restaurant’s official website. I told him that was great, but that his site hadn’t shown up when I ‘googled’ the phrase ‘destin Wi-Fi’.

I mentioned that, while it was nice that he had signs in front of his place that advertised the free Wi-Fi, people who are savvy enough to use Wi-Fi would be savvy enough to search the Internet to find places that had it. He said he was going to look into how to raise his profile on the internet. I told him not to bother because within a week Google would probably have indexed my posts (which mention his site and link to it) and that would probably show up in the first one or two hits for the key phrase.

Well, guess what? It now shows up as the number one hit for the phrases ‘sandestin Wi-Fi’ and ‘destin Wi-Fi.’ Hopefully, that will steer some business his way, and also make life easier for some travelers looking for Wi-Fi in Destin, Florida. If so they’ll both have Google and blogs to thank for their good fortune.

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