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The “Post-Mindless Corporate Approach” era has apparently caught some off-guard

By August 19, 2011Uncategorized

From the Wall St Journal today (subscription req’d):

HP was the biggest seller of PCs in the world, but they have concluded that’s tied to looking backwards and they need to look forwards, said Brad Silverberg, a venture capitalist and former Microsoft executive. He called the HP move ‘another tectonic shift’ providing for the evidence post-PC world.

HP… said it would discontinue operations for the Touchpad and webOS phones, and write off at least 1 billion… in the months ahead.

So the “biggest seller of PCs in the world” can’t compete profitably any more. And that’s because we are now in the “post-PC world.” Which company’s CEO first proclaimed we were in a post-PC world?

Hint: it’s the company making the most money off of PC sales and Post-PC sales. Yet this company only has 10% of the total PC market. You’d think that company would be small and marginal compared to “big players” like HP, Dell, and Microsoft. And it is, in terms of things like number of employees and number of unit sales.

But (depending on stock market fluctuations) it’s the largest market cap company in the world. In other words, it may be smaller in size, but it’s at the top in terms of shareholder value.

Hmmm, that’s kind of weird isn’t it?

Maybe we’re in another “post-era.” The” post-lumbering company” world. Smaller, smarter and focused companies can beat large and lumbering ones from now on. Jobs may be be lost in the “large lumbering sector.” But they’re being created in organizations that can leverage focus and innovative thinking.

Big is no longer presumably better. If anything, it’s is presumably worse.

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