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The Official Flag of New New Orleans

FixaflatThis is the Official Flag of the New New Orleans. I’m proud to display it on my car, which has now had its third flat tire since last December. My dad’s car, which my son has been driving, has had two flats. Even my scooter recently got a flat tire.

The absence of rain over the past few months has made it easy for roofers to do their job, but that also means that there are lots of roofing nails strewn about. So I wasn’t surprised when I found out, a few minutes ago, that my car had a yet another flat tire. I went looking to put some air in the car until I could get home, visiting four gas stations before I could find one (not in Orleans Parish, mind you) that had a working air pump. I understand we now have an evacuation plan for the city in case another hurricane comes. I haven’t studied the plan, but I suggest that we all stock up on Fix-a-Flat canisters.

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  • Rene says:

    Do you know any place near uptown that fixes flats? Or anywhere in the area?

  • schroeder says:

    Got ya beat Ernie — how about six flats!

  • I enjoyed your post. I travelled to Waveland, MS the week following Katrina and could not believe the devastation. Most of the homes south of the railroad track had been leveled to the ground. The roads had just been cleared by the National Guard but the haze of what appeared to be foreign chemicals hovered over the road. It is nice to see someone with a sense of humor in a tough situation. Good Luck.

  • Chris Johnston says:

    I know what you mean. As soon as the roof was fixed on my apartment building I had five flats in three days.

  • Cathy says:

    Get a sturdy bike pump. IME it can help hold a slow leak at bay.

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