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The New Orleans Mayor’s Race is an amusement park ride

By April 14, 2006Uncategorized

A few months ago people collected yard signs of new businesses, but now you see this: a proud homeowner’s collection of a yard sign from every single mayoral candidate.  If you click on the picture you can see (in the resulting larger picture) a sign that says "More candidates than voters?"  Yes, Virginia it’s election time here in the land of the blue roofs.  Whenever you get a mushroom field of candidates you can be sure that some of the mushrooms are psychotropic.

So, among the 23 candidates vying for the job of presiding over what’s left of New Orleans, you have people like Manny "Chevrolet" Bruno (tagline from his 2002 mayoral bid: "a troubled man for troubled times.") and James Lehman, who is described in the wikipedia rundown as "a former aircraft mechanic and community activist, who proposes increased use of solar power and development of a research institute to study meteorites."

If you want someone who feels comfortable in space, however, you have to be impressed with Kimberly Williamson Butler, who was so bad at being the Clerk of Court that she was put in jail. She’s back out on the streets now and working hard on her campaign.  How hard?  Well, read this story about her recent campaign photo, which supposedly pictures her in the French Quarter.  Someone is claiming the picture was actually taken in Disneyworld Disneyland. Sure, why not?  Probably less risk of getting arrested there.

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  • Small nit: Disneyland (California), not Disney World (Florida). The latter is at least in the same neighborhood as Louisiana; the former is three timezones away.

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