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The new Kindle rocks!

By February 26, 2009websites

"The Kindle no longer appears to have been put together for a junior-high science class presentation after a parent’s frantic late-night run to OfficeMax for some white posterboard and gluesticks," opines Andy Ihnatko.  Yes, I agree.  But it's more than that.  The new Kindle is svelte in appearance, more intuitive to navigate, better at displaying photographs and images, and much snappier.  The new Kindle is a worthy upgrade!!!

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  • Dave! says:

    I just got one, and was quite impressed. I think my wife is going to abscond with it, so we’re going to have to buy another… 🙂

  • Ernie says:

    I’m not a believer in the idea of reading on the iPhone, or at least not reading whole books. I know that Stanza (and other applications) supposedly work great. But I’m getting old and my eyesight ain’t great, so I’m not looking to decrease the size of the text I read. The Kindle is a wonderful reading experience. Almost the same as reading a book, and in some ways better. In some ways not, but most of that is about getting used to reading in a new way. But the text is clear and you can make it bigger or smaller if you want.

    The print medium will not die, but it’s facing economic challenges. The Kindle (and perhaps other e-books) are positioned to deliver a solid reading experience within an economic model that has room for growth. The future of reading is embedded in the Kindle. If you like to read a lot then you should check it out. The new model is much better and well worth the money. Just remember, it’ll take a few days to get used to. But after a week you’ll be raving about how wonderful it is.

  • Does the Kindle add value to having an iPhone? do you think that having both is the way to go or is the iPhone a good enough reader to foresake having a Kindle? I have neither right now but am thinking of getting one or the other.

  • I purchased a used Kindle 1 and am thoroughly enjoying it. What I plan to experiment with is converting several core texts in PDF that I use in some collaborative justice groups and load them on to my Kindle, get them bookmarked and annotated. Then I won’t have to tote those huge texts with my to the myriad meetings that constantly refer back to them. (Always looking for a way to advance the use of technology in “access to justice” settings.

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