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The Nest Thermostat is awesome (pretty much everyone who has one agrees)

By February 1, 2012websites

I agree that one of the five signs of a great tech product is that it changes you. Even if you’re a tech-junkie you’ll agree there aren’t many tech products that meet that criteria. The Nest thermostat is one of those products. I got one last Christmas and have been meaning to blog about how great it is, but was dreading the challenge of describing how amazing it is in a way that would motivate people to try it out. Now I don’t need to. Just read this article.

Yes, it’s a little expensive, but read the article to understand why it’s worth it. And, like they say, go ahead and have it professionally installed, which is the moral of this blog post.

Bottom line: to save money, to conserve energy better (help the environment!), and to have a nice looking, user-friendly thermostat, you need to check out the Nest. The company behind it is user-friendly and massively visionary. And by the way, I ordered two more Nests for the rest of my house.

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