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The Matrix Revolutions – Let’s get it over with

By November 8, 2003Uncategorized

At 7:40 pm local time I’m going to go see The Matrix Revolutions. I know it’s going to be mediocre: a proportioned mixture of grandiose ideology and insipid dialogue. But there will be explosions, state of the art CGI, and an ear-blasting body-thumping soundtrack.

And the best part is that, once the movie is over, I can go on with the rest of my life. I will have achieved what the therapists call “closure.”

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  • ken says:

    My question – and I know this probably comes from not having watched any of the mini-movies or really paying attention any more than to just watch the three movies – is this: The machines seem incapable of hardening their war machines from EMP pulses. So why isn’t the whole route to Zion littered with remote triggered EMP bombs (or maybe mines)? Each one could be just a little out of the range of the one before it and the machines could be devastated (sp?) by hitting them. And for that matter, why aren’t the humans launching shell after shell at the machine city with EMP airbursts?

    The movie is silly and bad but the special effects were good. Funny though, as I was watching the final fight I just couldn’t get into it; I just kept thinking about how great theses effects are and how much better they might be if someone was making a new Superman movie (yes, I grew up a comic book geek).

  • Ernie says:

    I thought it was dreck. When the kid had to take over the FCC, or the ATC, or the RPG, or whatever it was called and he told the dying guy “but I didn’t complete my training” and the dying guy said “that’s okay kid, neither did I” I knew that I was watching some of the worst (and unedited) dialogue in a movie ever.

    But there were some penetrating dichotomies that will leave me eternally perplexed: i.e. the Oracle bakes cookies and chain smokes, so is she good or evil?

  • Rick Klau says:

    It’s killing me that I haven’t seen it yet. Like you, I’m eager for closure. So? What’s your assessment? Did 3 in any way redeem 2? Or was it more of the same? (I’m hoping to see it next week.)

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