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The international law of golf cart rental

By October 8, 2007culture, law, travel

San Pedro is a small town on the island of Ambergris Caye, which is located off the coast of Belize.  It’s a beautiful place to vacation: great fishing and great scuba diving.  There aren’t many roads in San Pedro, and the few roads that exist are filled with sand.  Most people walk around.  If you want to traverse large distances then having a golf cart makes sense.  But, if you rent a golf cart, be sure to pay for the insurance rider if they offer it. Otherwise, you’ll wind up in a complex international legal dispute like the couple from Phoenix.

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  • saygolfcar says:

    We own a golf cart business and we are located in Mexico. Although golf carts sometimes are more expensive things than most people think, 12000us is way too much. They can actually buy 3 carts like the one show in picture with that money. Even living in that remote island where everything could twice expensive they can buy at leas 2 carts with that money.As far as I see 2000 is also way too much. Anyway, see well what you sign before doing it. There’s a lot of people trying to take advantage of this situations and clearly the guys renting those carts where doing it.

  • Ernie says:

    No kidding. Like this kind of wreck, for example:

  • William Schroeder says:

    wow. we just recently returned from ambergris key and stayed at victoria house. good thing we didn’t wreck.

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