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The illusion of security

By December 2, 2005December 31st, 2019current affairs, security

As usual, Bruce Schneier has some poignant observations on the folly of our current airline security model, especially the ‘trusted traveler’ program.  He concludes with this observation: "Exactly two things have made airline travel safer since 9/11: reinforcement of cockpit doors, and passengers who now know that they may have to fight back. Everything else — Secure Flight and Trusted Traveler included — is security theater."

Airport security in the wake of 9/11 is silly.  Why can’t we face it: we now find ourselves inconvenienced by a system that is expensive to administer, slow to change, and provides little real benefit.  We all know it, but we don’t want to face it.  It’s an old story, and in the end we find out that the Emperor has no clothes.

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