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The future of Google…

By September 28, 2006Uncategorized

Yesterday my son alerted me that it was Google’s birthday.  As you know, I am madly in love with Google, often wondering where I’d be without it.  I was trying to imagine what Google will be like in the future when another email came in from a family member.  My sister–in-law, Nanette, sent me a simple link.  I was sort of busy, but I clicked on it, at which point a presentation started and I began to glimpse the future…

On August 4, 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the case of N.Y. Times vs. Googlezon, ruling in favor of Google’s visionary news tool.  Citizen media, powered by Google and other Internet forces, will completely disrupt traditional news and the N.Y. Times will go out of business. 

Could it happen?  Who knows, but here’s the link Nanette sent me (with Spanish sub-titles). I’m sure that something amazing will happen with Google, but it’s hard to predict what that will be. Oh well, as my mother used to say "que sera, sera…"

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