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The Dalai Lama is evil

By October 16, 2007Uncategorized

A Chinese official recently discouraged the United States from honoring the Dalai Lama, stating “If the Dalai Lama can receive such an award, there must be no justice or good people in the world.”  Obviously this person is living in some sort of parallel universe.   I can think of one or two other political leaders who have spent a fair amount of time in that universe.

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One Comment

  • It’s hard to remember the last time the Dalai Lama sent ashipment of toxic baby toys or even poison toothpaste to another country. The Chinese Government is living in a parallel universe, The world of WalMart manufacturing. Not to mention that the country that can’t keep lead out of toys or toluene out of toothpaste makes over 50% of the chemical’s that go into US Manufactured Pharmaceuticals. Dr Scott Freile

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