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The Blogosphere’s ‘Travel Channel’

By August 13, 2004travel

My friend Chris Cloud is one of those guys who, like me, probably has too many interests. He’s a lawyer in New York (no longer practicing law) who plays in a blues band and likes to travel. Over a year ago I told him that he should start a weblog and he did, calling it Cloud Travel.

His site is hard to find even if you Google for ‘Cloud Travel.’ (the URL is ‘’ which is easy to remember, though). He’s got some great essays, including one about Normandy, France as an essential side trip if you are visiting Paris. Yesterday Chris emailed me to let me know that his site is the current #1 hit on Google for the search term “Normandy France.” I checked and sure enough it’s true.

Once again I’m awed by the power of Google. And, of course, I’m very proud of Chris and his site, especially his prominent write up on Normandy. I think it would be great if somehow we arrange to get him the keys to the city.

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