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Thanksgiving four years after Katrina

It's hard to believe that four years have passed since the Thanksgiving after Katrina.  I spent that one alone, but was very grateful and happy as evidenced by this blog post.  I learned a lot from Katrina, and I'm still learning.  But, hey, that's what life is for, right?

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  • I was inspired by the quote on your LinkedIn page by Darwin, and I think that your attitude is very positive even in the face of advertisity. Change is the key, and if you adapt to the situation, you will survive and prosper.

  • Ray Ward says:

    At my house in 2005, we were trying to figure out how to do Thanksgiving without a refrigerator. We ended up getting turkey steaks at Langenstein’s; they didn’t take up much room in the cooler. That was a memorable year.

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