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Thanks to Jim Calloway & Ross Kodner

By January 12, 2006Uncategorized

My good friend Jim Calloway came to town yesterday for a seminar designed to help lawyers rebuild their practice after Katrina.  Jim is a lawyer from Oklahoma who knows a lot about using technology in the practice of law.  He’s currently the Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program. 

I just saw Jim’s one hour presentation, entitlted "Technology Triage," and it was magnificent –which I expected since I’ve seen him speak before and he’s always entertaining and informative.  By the way, if you know any lawyers in Lake Charles you might let them know that he’s doing the same presentation there tomorrow, Friday the 13th (as part of the same overall CLE program sponsored by LSBA).  It will be at the Best Western Richmond Suites Hotel at 2600 Moeling Street.  I think it starts at 8:00 am, but you might call the LSBA if you have questions: (800) 421-LSBA(5722)The program is FREE!

The cost of Jim’s appearance in Louisiana was underwritten by the Oklahoma Bar Association, which brings to mind an important point.  A lot of Louisiana lawyers were flooded with offers of assistance right after Katrina.  Now that things have calmed down and people have returned to the city, it’s easy to think that the offers of assistance have dried up.  They haven’t, and Jim’s appearance here is but one example of that.  Another person who deserves praise is Ross Kodner who was primarily responsible for setting up That site is still up and many lawyers are still being helped by Ross.

So let’s all give a silent bow of thanks to Messrs. Calloway and Kodner. 

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  • I would also like to thank both Jin and Ross as I have heard them at TechShow in Chicago and both are great speakers. Jim is especially good for solo and small firm attorneys.

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