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Thank you for your comments (you moron)…

By February 7, 2008Uncategorized

So you sent a nice email to the coffee company about a suggestion for healthier ingredients, and they send you a nice email back. But they also accidentally include the internal email that shows how insincere they are. And manipulative. Gee, and companies wonder why people mistrust them?

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One Comment

  • Chuck Newton says:

    Years ago I remember a physician writing into Medical Economics that says we need to stop, step back and look at who we are and what we do objectively. The doctor had gotten embarrassed watching his very young son play doctor. He was imitating Daddy. As the child was giving pretend shots and looking in mouths and ears he pretended to get a phone call from a patient. He took the call and kept repeating “Yes Mam”, “Yes Man”. Then he hunk up the phone, shrugged his little shoulders and exclaimed, “Bitch.” The father realized he was looking into a mirror.

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