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Tech Feng Shui

By April 18, 2005websites

I’ve started a new blog.  Actually, I created it a while ago, but I’m telling you about it now because I realize that if I don’t publicize it then I’m not going to post to it. 

Anyway, it’s called TechFengShui.  This is the blog I really want to write.  It’s about technology and how it frustrates us, and what we can do to make it less frustrating.  I wish I had more posts up, but maybe I’ll get more inspired now that I’ve made mention of it.  My ultimate goal is to write a book.  I have someone that is willing to co-author the book and help come up with ‘tech feng shui’ ideas.  Oh, what’s Tech Feng Shui, you ask?  Well, here’s my explanation.

Oh, and you’ll note that the complete posts don’t show up on the home page.  You have to click on the ‘continue reading’ button if you want to read more about a particular post.  Of course, if you subscribe to the RSS feed you’ll get the whole post.  The reason for the truncated posts is that I want the home page to be visually appealing, and not cluttered. 

Hey, this is about Feng Shui, remember?

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