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Tech Committtee Chair of LSBA

By July 15, 2005Uncategorized

I’m really excited that I’ve been asked to serve as the Chair of the Technology Committee of the Louisiana State Bar Association.  The LSBA has a great website and a wonderful person who runs it (Darin Trittel).  Of course, anything can be improved and so one goal will be to find ways to deliver better member services through the website.  Other goals need to be defined by the committee (which is in the process of being newly constituted), but there’s obviously a lot the LSBA can do to help our attorney-members use technology to practice law more effectively and serve their clients better. 

So that’s what we will be trying to do.

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One Comment

  • Robert says:

    Congratulations Ernie. We need to do lunch again in the near future so you can fill me in on the mysterious, behind-the-scenes life of the LSBA’s tech. committee.

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