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Surviving Katrina – one blog entry at a time

Rachel Dangermond’s blog is a well-written, personal account of New Orleans life in the wake of Katrina.  I see she’s getting a canoe, which is probably a great strategy.  Especially since we are now learning that our greatest threat isn’t the fragile levee system, but our sewerage and water system.   If another hurricane (or even tropical storm) hits us we’re going to start gushing like an Fellini-inspired Water Theme Park.  Hey, maybe I need to stock up on water wigglers too!

So, given the kludged-together state of affairs in New Orleans, what would you guess our Republican U.S. Senator says is the most important issue that we face right now?  Yep, stemming the floodgates of gay marriage via Constituational amdendment.  I wonder how much money will be wasted trying to pass this stupid constitutional amendment?  Here’s what you folks at home need to know about the likelihood of passing any more Constitutional amendments: only controversial ideas will be proposed from here on out, and the more controversial they are the less chance they have of passing.  Okay Congress, after this fails, can you just stick to making the regular sausages?

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