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Sunday 5:00 pm update

By August 31, 2008Uncategorized

All quiet in Uptown. Audubon park is solemn and graceful as the cicadas perform majestically. I have limited my intake of TV news, mostly relying on YatPundit’s twitter udpates. If you are a New Orleanian outside of local TV coverage and want a nice digest of what’s being discussed on TV news then check out YatPundit.

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  • Ray Ward says:

    Suzanne and I are staying too. I went for a run in Audubon this afternoon. Made it from Magazine to St. Charles without seeing another soul. That was a bit eerie. After that, I came across a handful of people — including two golfers! (No problem getting a tee time today, I suppose.) Our neighbors on the corner of Calhoun and Magazine have a house in New Roads, but they’re here. Reason: their New Roads house is so full of evacuated relatives that there’s no room for the owners.

    I think people around the country are a lot more hysterical about this than people here, at least as far as New Orleans proper is concerned. I’ve been telling my relatives and friends not to pay attention to the news channels or C.Ray, and instead to visit the National Hurricane Center web site. I also tell them that, if the storm takes an unexpected right turn, we’ll just walk across the street to the Poor Clare monastery — they’re staying, and they’ll take us in if we ask. (They rode out Katrina in the monastery, and would have stayed in town after if the water pressure hadn’t disappeared.)

    Best wishes to Becky and you. If you run out of wine, we have plenty. We also have a deep supply of Dewars (both white and black label).

  • Todd Kelsey says:

    Ernie – Just checking on storm updates.Good Luck.

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