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Stupid criminals – Stupid Victims

By January 21, 2006Uncategorized

Anyone remember the old Saturday Night Live skit about the Land Shark?  Basically, it was sort of slapstick humor.  The skit would have a person sitting in an apartment hearing a knock on the door, then they would ask ‘who is it?’  The unseen voice behind the door (that of the land shark) would reply clumsily, but invariably the stupid apartment dweller would open the door and get devoured.

I thought of that silly skit today when I looked at my email in-box, which contained (as it usually does) an email from Wells Fargo Bank (which I have never had any association with) asking me to ‘update my account access.’  Obviously these people are scammers, and I rarely do more than glance at the subject line before I delete the email.   Although I often pause to reflect on the fact that some people are actually getting scammed by these emails.

This time I gave the email slightly more attention, just enough to note it was supposedly sent by the "Wells Frago Staff."  Geez, these scammers apparently don’t even have to spell the name of the bank correctly to dupe people.  Hmmmmmm. I wonder what Darwin would have to say?

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