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Stop the Flooding: a Rally in NOLA this Thursday morning

By January 9, 2006Uncategorized

"Stop the Flooding" is having a demonstration rally in New Orleans in front of Jackson Square on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2006 at 10 am.  This demonstration rally will coincide with President Bush’s visit to New Orleans, although "Stop the Flooding" is a nonpartisan organization.   It was created to address federal funding for Cat 5 levees and coastal restoration.  Anyone who wants to attend can, and many attendees will be garbed in ‘flooding attire’ which is to say they’ll be wearing orange life preservers and carrying paddles.  Stop by if you feel up for a demonstration.

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  • Tim says:

    I’m living and blogging in New Orleans, too, and those folks with the Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans really have their act together! I went to a meeting last week and there were at least 400 people crammed into a church to participate in this worthy movement. We can rebuild our homes and businesses, we just need help with the levees.Peace,Tim

  • slhno says:

    Here is the flyer for Thurs’s no politics rally.





    We need Category 5 levees AND coastal restoration NOW, but insufficient funds have been allocated for this effort. We will continue to be at risk until adequate funding is realized.

    Our weakened levees and eroding coasts are the result of bi-partisan neglect over several administrations. The issue of Category 5 levees AND coastal restoration must be unshackled from partisan politics, and addressed NOW. The only way to do this is to de-politicize the issue.

    President Bush will be in New Orleans on Thursday. Let the President, Congress and the world see us together without political or racial divides on this very important issue. Come one, come all – Republicans, Democrats, New Orleanians, Jeffersonians, residents of St. Bernard and Plaquemines – all those who have been affected. Let’s unify on this issue.

    Here are the ground rules for this grass-roots effort:.

    1. NO POLITICS. The ONLY issue for this demonstration is Category 5 levees AND coastal restoration. No anti-Bush; no pro-Bush; no anti-Iraq; no pro-Iraq. No politics. JUST pure focus on the need for Category 5 levees AND coastal restoration.

    2. BRING signs that say only:

    – “Cat 5 Levees AND Coastal Restoration NOW!!!!”Capitalize “AND” and “NOW” to emphasize the need for both.

    – “Party Affiliation: Louisianian.”

    3. WEAR a life jacket or other flood attire to underscore what will happen to this area if the funding is not fully allocated. You can have fun with this one.

    4. MEET Thursday, January 12, 2006, in front of Jackson Square where President Bush announced the start of the “Greatest Recovery the Nation Has Ever Seen.”

    Stop the Flooding!- a new nonpartisan grassroots coalition of Louisiana residents for Category 5 levees AND coastal restoration.-

  • National Nitwit has the inside story of the tour of the Netherlands by US officials seeking ideas on flood control.

  • Stephen Terrell says:

    Wish I was there to join you. I’ll be with you in spirit. If you can arrange a protest when I’m down there in April, I’ll join in. “Hell no, we won’t flow!”

  • slhno says:

    The problem is that the fed funding for Cat 5 and coastal restoration and Louisiana getting its collective act together has to happen at the same time. Time is not on our side. This has to happen yesterday.

    Good luck. Great job you are doing, snowflake.

  • Snowflake says:

    And if you feel up to more demonstrating, Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans will be marching on the state capitol in Baton Rouge in hopes of gaining support for the much much needed state legislative reform of our current multiple levee board system. This demonstration will be held on the Sunday prior to the opening of the next promised Special Legislative Session, TBA, to sign up or for more info see their website and wear red because we are all seeing red.

    I don’t know how much the feds will do for us until we show we will hold our local government accountable for their irresponsbility in office….

    To that end though it would be nice if we could have some elections. Isn’t it interesting that there can be elections in Iraq but not in Louisiana?

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