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Sprint is my wireless provider — for now…

By April 27, 2004websites

I see that Verizon is rumored to be coming out with a new version of the Treo 600; the new model (Treo 610) is supposed to have Bluetooth and a higher resolution screen. I don’t care if it doesn’t have a higher resolution screen. But if it has Bluetooth then I’ll consider switching from Sprint, which is my current wireless provider.

I used to use Verizon but I switched to Sprint to get the Treo 300 when I couldn’t get it through Verizon. My wife switched from Cingular and also got a Treo 300. That was about a year and a half ago.

The other day we tried to get her upgraded to the Treo 600 and, long story short, we were treated in the way that car dealers used to treat their customers (e.g. keeping you waiting and playing mind games to force you to relent and give them the damn money just so you can leave). We were so disgusted we just walked out of the store, leaving the customer non-representative in mid-sentence.

My wife later found out that she could get the deal she wanted for the Treo 600 with Cingular, and she could keep her old number (can you say ‘number portability?). So she’s now a former Sprint customer and I’m toying with moving to T-Mobile, although I’m not ready to pull the plug yet. I will probably do it in the next year. Of course, if Verizon really has a Treo 610 with Bluetooth that may be too tempting to pass up.

Ain’t cellphone number portability a great thing?

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