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Speaking on social networking to young lawyers

By January 15, 2010November 11th, 2020Uncategorized

I’ll be speaking about Social Networking to the Young Lawyers Section of the Louisiana Bar Ass’n on Friday, January 22nd.  I’ll be on a panel with Tom O’Connor and Brett Bonin.  The event is at the Marriott in New Orleans, and is free to all Young Lawyer Section members.  It’s a half-day event and there are other speakers after do our talk on social networking.

My take on social networking is that it’s just a way of enhancing social interactions and traditional marketing, just that it involves the Internet (and some new skills about how to use these tools). If you tend to put your foot in your mouth a lot, and lack common sense then you should avoid these new tools because they’ll only get you into bigger trouble.  But, if you are circumspect and good at engaging people in a positive way then these tools can really help.

If you want a copy of my paper on ‘The good and bad of social networking’ click here (PDF download)

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