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Speaking at ABA TechShow next March – great topics & co-presenters!

By December 6, 2011presentations, websites

I’m pleased to be invited back to speak at the American Bar Association’s TechShow next year (March 29–31, 2012). But I’m especially excited about my topics and co-presenters.

On Thursday, March 29th I’ll present “Social Media for Litigators” with Antigone Peyton. I saw Antigone present on a Social Media topic last year at TechShow and she was awesome! We ran into her afterwards in the speaker’s prep room had a great time chatting with her. She’s a super-smart lawyer who left her large firm to her own firm (about a year ago). She’s adept with technology, and she loves Mac computers. All of that will make it easier to develop a great presentation.

On Friday afternoon I’ll present “Paperless Productivity on a Mac” with David Sparks. I can’t say enough about how much I admire David, and how much I appreciate the opportunity to do a presentation with him. I discovered David’s Mac PowerUsers podcast a couple of years ago, and I’ve been listening to it regularly since then. David also has a great weblog, and he’s written two very useful books for us Mac lovers: Mac at Work, and iPad at Work, both of which I highly recommend. David is an amazing presenter as well, and so I can’t wait to do our session.

Hopefully, some of you lawyer blog-readers will be there too! Early bird pricing for TechShow ends in mid-February. I’d sign up now, and also see if you can guess the Keynote speaker (you have until tomorrow I think) so you can qualify for another discount.

The reasons to go to TechShow are many: (1) you’ll learn a lot about technology from lawyers who use it in their practices; (2) the speakers are excellent, and know how to explain technology; (3) the Expo is the best place to find new technology and sort through the stuff that is most relevant to your law practice; and (4) there are many opportunities to meet the speakers and other attendees, and thereby increase the circle of “tech-savvy lawyers” that you can later call upon to help you when you have questions about technology.

If you’re a lawyer who uses a computer and you want to learn how to use it better in your practice you should go to TechShow. I guess another way to put it is, “if you want to do a better job in your law practice and you own a computer and/or a smartphone you should go to TechShow.” Or if you can’t go send someone from your office.

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