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Solution to the iPod cord wrap saga

By March 23, 2004web-tech

Smartwrap.jpg I love my iPod, but I hate having to wrangle with the earbud cord. I found the solution to my dilemma on page 94 of the recent copy of Wired magazine. The SmartWrap is a little $5 tool that was designed to address the problem simply and with minimal obtrusiveness.

It looks sleek and seems like it will do the job quite nicely. I don’t care for the green color that is pictured here on the left, but you can pick from among several colors. I ordered the white.

Speaking of ordering, their website isn’t clear on how to order. Just send them an E-mail indicating how many you want to order, and don’t forget to specify the color you prefer. They’ll E-mail you back indicating that have to order using PayPal, which I don’t mind doing (but some people will have a problem with this, especially if they don’t have a PayPal account).

Anyway, I think this is a decent solution to a niggling problem. What I’d really like to see is a retractable cord. I know there are some out there , but they come with earbuds and I don’t want to use lower quality earbuds just to get a retractable cord.

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