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Social media strategies for professionals

In the world of “social media pundits” snake oil salesmen abound. I accidentally wandered into the world of social media back in 2002 when I started this weblog. Back then the phrase “social media” didn't exist. But once sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and you-name-it cropped up we needed a phrase to lump all of those things into. Hence, “social media.”

And hence the appearance of people professing to have expertise this hip new thing.

I don't consider myself a “social media expert” since I've never sat down and tried to map out what it all means in some larger context. But I've used almost all of the popular social media tools, so I have a sense of who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't.

Michelle Golden is one of those sensible people who I would recommend to any professional (e.g. lawyer, doctor, businessperson) who wants to understand how social media affects their business, and how to take advantage of social media tools. And, fortunately for those professionals, Michelle has written a comprehensive book about this: Social Media Strategies for Professionals and their Firms.

The book explains pretty much everything, including:

  • The advantages of an effective online presence
  • The differences (beneficial and detrimental) between social media and traditional marketing
  • How to mitigate risk and gain benefit from social media use
  • Comparisons of popular social media tools
  • Understanding the audience, and capitalizing on that understanding
  • Integrating old and new marketing tactics
  • Internet monitoring that takes only 10 minutes a day
  • Assessing what attracts an audience
  • Determining how to build an effective audience

Michelle also includes many case studies that delve into how various bloggers and twitterers have achieved success online. On page 141-43 she profiled me, which is the only blemish in this otherwise fine, practical work.

As I keep saying, Michelle walks the walk (see her twitter page: And if you pick up her book, you'll see that she knows how to talk about social media in a way that's actually helpful. Even if you don't buy the book, you should at least follow Michelle on Twitter.

P.S. If you're a practicing lawyer, check out this Law Practice Assessment . After answering a few questions, you'll get detailed recommendations for improving five key areas of your practice.


  • I have been reading “Power Friending” which, while enthusiastic, is less pragmatic for most law firms. I downloaded a sample of “Social Media for Lawyers” for the Kindle app and it is quite a bit better. The only downside is that half of the sample is taken up with introductions, acknowledgements and a “how to use this book” section.

  • Ernie,

    Thanks for providing this review. With so much mis-information out there, reviews like these are an invaluable time-saver. I look forward to reading Michelle’s book and tweets.

  • Speaking of ways to be more effective online, I clicked on the link to Amazon to check out the book, and I didn’t find your review. Why don’t you post this blog on Amazon as a review of Ms. Golden’s book. 🙂

    P.S. The book is a bit cheaper on–with free shipping. (A little fact I learned via PriceBlink. Not bad for an old young Baby Boomer (who’s more like a Gen Xer).)

  • Eric says:

    Great Post! I’m very interested in reading this book. I currently have a website, but I do not use any social media sites like Twitter or Facebook etc. This book can probably give me a better understanding of how social networking can benefit me.

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