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Terms of Use for LawFirm Co-Pilot Slack Group

The Slack Group for the LawFirm Co-Pilot membership group is designed to foster the easy exchange of valuable information among members.

To ensure that the content value stays high and that membership in the group has maximum value for everyone, the following mandatory rules apply.

If you don’t abide by ALL of these rules your membership will be revoked until you can abide by them. No exceptions.

  1. Profile Photo: You should upload a recent picture of yourself to make it easier for members to identify you and remember what you look like. According to Slack’s requirements, your profile picture should be a minimum of 512 x 512 pixels, but no larger than 1024 x 1024 pixels.
    • A “recent” picture is one that was taken fairly recently (i.e. last 10 years, but preferably in the past 2 or 3 years).  Given how easy it is to take smartphone pictures there is no excuse for not having a decent recent picture.
  2. Basic information: Under the “What I do” section you must list (1the city and state where you practice lawAND (2the area(s) of law you practice(e.g. “Ernie Svenson, New Orleans, LA, Commercial Litigation & Franchise Law”). This information will help you get referrals, and help you find other lawyers to refer business to, among other important benefits.
  3. Display Name: In the “Display Name” section please list EITHER (1your full proper name (i.e. Ernest Svenson), or (2your full “commonly used” name (i.e. Ernie Svenson). Do not use funky “clever” names like “LearnedHand” or “BigLawGuru”. Use your REAL NAME!
  • Optional Information: you can list your phone number, email, Skype address if you want.
  • Mobile App: (also optional) you can use Slack on your mobile device (iOS or Android) if you want. Just download the app and sign in and you’ll be set.

Obviously, you should conduct yourself in a civil manner which I’m very confident that everyone will.


Remember: it’s much harder to gauge the nuance of a person’s statement when you’re not having a face-to-face conversation. So, let’s just

This group will be surprisingly beneficial to many of you, especially once you get familiar with how Slack works. Here are some useful links to help you get familiar with Slack.

I look forward to seeing you in our Slack group!


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