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Shel Israel’s Interview

By April 20, 2005Uncategorized

Last Saturday my good friend Shel Israel and I got to talk on the phone for about an hour.  I really like Shel a lot and hope that the book he and Robert Scoble are writing (The Red Couch) is wildly successful.  Anyway, the reason we got to talk was because he wanted to interview me for the book.  Part of the approach he and Robert are taking with the book is to publish rough drafts of the book to the web as it gets written, and I see that today Shel posted his interview with me.  One thing he didn’t leave in the draft was that at one point when he and I were talking, I started to clarify that, despite a lot of my criticism of technology, ‘I actually really love technology…’

At which point my cellphone dropped the call.

So, it’s true I don’t always love technology, especially when it gets overly-complicated or just plain doesn’t work. But I like Shel Israel.  A lot.  And I’m honored that I can call him a good friend.  Hopefully, we won’t wait for a ‘good excuse’ to have our next long phone conversation.  We both know enough about technology to make that happen.  And if it doesn’t, then it’s not technology’s fault.

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