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Senator Ted Stevens – Tell me how the Internet works

By July 7, 2006web-tech

Having seen Al Gore’s movie on global warming (based on his digital slide show) I’m intrigued to see other members of Congress employ this approach.  Senator Ted Stevens should start working on a presentation that explains how the Internet works based on his recent comments.  His target audience will obviously be slightly different than Al Gore’s.  He’d probably do well with people who’ve had full frontal lobotomies.

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  • jr says:

    Ted needs to explain the bridge to nowhere again

  • Aaronius says:

    It must be tough for a person from a totally different era to try to come to terms with technologies tat we have grown up with. It’s a bit sad that he makes a total muddle of it – I _think_ I would maybe agree with him if I could put two of his paragraphs together. *sigh*

  • Jared says:

    If grandpas and technology don’t mix, then grandpas legislating technology spells disaster.

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