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Seminar for Louisiana lawyers: how to use technology more effectively in your law practice

By August 5, 2010Uncategorized

On August 27th the Louisiana State Bar Association is sponsoring a seminar here in New Orleans called Your Practice in Today's Digital World. I was asked to be the Chair of this seminar, which basically means I got to pick the speakers. 

I'm really excited about the presenters. The seminar will be exceptionally useful for lawyers who want to learn how to use technology more effectively.  The topics are as follows:

  • Ethics of Paperless Law Practice (Dane Ciolino) – will cover things like what kinds of “paper” do you still have to keep if you go to electronic storage?
  • Email Management Tips (Al Robert) – will provide truly useful information to help lawyers manage and process their email more effectively, which is important since email is now a primary communication tool.
  • High Tech Document Drafting (Chuck Rogers) – will look at ways to crank out documents quickly and easily using speech recognition, form tools, and virtual secretaries.
  • Electronic Discovery and Social Media (Tom O'Connor) – will examine how cloud based social media tools affect electronic discovery methods, as well as general issues with discovering information stored online.
  • Creating Digital Briefs (John Denenea) – practical advice on how to create digital briefs that are accepted by courts and are useful to them.
  • Basics of Scanning (Rebecca Diamante) – important practical advice on how to streamline your scanning of paper into digital form, which will be helpful both to people who already scan documents as well as those who have never used a scanner.

For more information, including online sign up click here.  Hopefully, I'll see some of the local attorneys who read this blog at the seminar.  Oh, and I recommend that you get your seminar materials on the Flash Drive, as opposed to the paper binder.  First, it's $20 cheaper that way.  Second, you'll get the PDF version of Johnny Denenea's digital brief so you can see what a PDF brief can do (e.g. hyperlinks etc.). And, lastly, it's more environmentally friendly to not waste paper. And that's also part of being a tech-savvy lawyer, right?

P.S. If you want a practice optimized for remote work & virtual collaboration, get this 24-page guide.


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