Scratching hogs

By May 21, 2019June 11th, 2019law, wisdom

Wisdom and intuition are amazing, mysterious powers.

Unlike computer algorithms, which are logical and rigid.

So even if “winter is coming” (via artificial intelligence), you can still thrive.

All of which reminds me of a true story…

It’s about a wise family therapist who as a boy growing up in rural Wisconsin took a job selling books to pay for his college education.

One day he approached a crusty farmer and offered to sell him some books.

But the farmer wasn’t having any of it and told the boy to go on about his business.

The boy turned and picked up some shingles from the ground and started scratching the backs of the hogs that the farmer was feeding.

The farmer studied the boy closely as he did this.

Then he changed his mind and bought some books.

Later, when the boy had grown up to become a wise counselor, he told this story to one of his patients.

The patient asked him why the farmer had changed his mind.

The therapist told his patient that the farmer himself had told him why, casually, after he’d been handed the books.

“I like the way you scratch a hog,” the farmer said.

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