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Scary movies vs. real disasters

By September 4, 2006katrina

I finally got to see the movie War of the Worlds recently, and it was definitely action-packed and had some amazing special effects.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I was scared.  Mostly, because the movie reminded me of the whole Katrina disaster.  Tom Cruise played a regular joe trying to survive in a world that became completely chaotic after aliens appeared in a strange lightning storm.  After the storm subsided and the aliens started killing people no one seemed to be able to develop a clear plan of action.  The government mounted a great show of force, but wasn’t really able to do anything effective.  The movie didn’t focus on FEMA, but we all know that FEMA wouldn’t be prepared for a hostile alien invasion. 

The movie ends abruptly, which was sort of unsatisfying  –but probably better than the alternative.  Watching aliens ruthlessly attack helpless citizens is demoralizing, but not as much as watching government bureacracy try to respond to a massive catastrophe.  That’s a real disaster, although not one that people want to watch.  Not even in a movie theatre.

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One Comment

  • Mark Folse says:

    My son asked me, way back in the Fall, if the Convention Center and other things he saw on television then were like the ferry boat scene in War of the Worlds. Out of the mouth of babes (well, 10 year olds).

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