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Saving the planet one scooter ride at a time

By March 6, 2008law, web-tech

Law Technology News just published an article that I wrote called Green Law: Scootering to Revelation. It’s about how I became an ‘accidental environmentalist’ in my quest to use technology efficiently. Well, that and my quest to buy a scooter for no really good reason other than it seemed really cool.

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One Comment

  • I’m living in New Orleans now and when I see people scootering around town I’m both jealous and afraid for their life! I lived in London for 3 years and bought a Vespa that I loved. I even tried to bring it back to the United States but it got caught in customs due to emissions standards. In London, my white knuckle incidents came from driving between the lanes (with cars on both sides) even though it is legal to do so. Here in New Orleans, I would be afraid the potholes would take me out.

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