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San Francisco – quick notes

By June 18, 2008travel

Picture_10So Becky and I are back from San Francisco.  We stayed at a friends’ house in Marin county, and then roamed all over.  We visited the Apple HQ and had lunch in Palo Alto, and then went up to Petaluma for dinner.  The next day we visited Pt. Reyes, and finally we went to Sonoma and did the wine country thing. 

Best discovery?  A place called Healdsburg, which is just north of Sonoma (but also part of the wine country).  It’s a quaint little town with cute shops and delightful little restaurants.  We ate at a cool tapas style restaurant called Willi’s that was recommended to us by Mary at Kunde estates.  And the Kunde Estates was recommended by someone who left a comment to my last post. 

How ’bout that for serendipity?

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One Comment

  • Ed Still says:

    I was in San Francisco for a conference last June and took a few days to explore the Bay Area. We went to Point Reyes Station and it was summertime. Then we drove out onto the peninsula and went through fog. The lighthouse was closed that day, but my friend insisted she was going to walk down to it. I stayed in the car because the cold wind cut right through my light coat. My friend had a ski jacket on. After she got back from the locked gate to the lighthouse, we drove down to a beach called Sir Francis Drake Beach, I think. It was chilly down there, but sheltered and not so windy. When we drove back to Pt. Reyes Station, it was summer again. Strange place. I hope you liked it.

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