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Saints vs. Colts

By September 28, 2003Uncategorized

The Colts came into this game undefeated. The 4th Quarter hasn’t started yet and Peyton Manning already has the team record for TD passes in one game (6 TDs). Meanwhile, Aaron Brooks just had the ball spontaneously fly out of his hand as he went back to pass and a Colts defensive lineman ran it back for a touchdown. After that gaffe, with the score at 55 – 13, Brooks is out of the game on the sidelines. They just showed him smiling, and chatting with a fellow teammate. That’s nice.

A lot of people would turn off the game. But not me. I’m pulling for Peyton to throw that 7th pass to tie the League record. I always root for hard-working, well-deserving athletes. And no doubt the Saints coaches will say that Aaron Brooks is hard-working. Maybe. But a guy who smiles after a blooper play like one that Brooks had doesn’t deserve to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He needs to work on fundamentals; so Haslett should give him a chance to work on his clip-board holding skills. See if he finds that entertaining.

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  • Bubba says:

    I tried to give Brooks the benefit of the doubt – it was either smile and chat it up on the sidelines or fall to the ground, curl up in the fetal position and cry.. What’s with Brooks anyway – Archie never needed an offensive line.

    On the upside it was great to see Archie’s boy do so well.

  • Courtney says:

    The real action was on PBS tonight THE BLUES:A Musical Journey w/Martin Scorsese directing….6 more nights, 6 more directors

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