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Saints’ Joe Horn – how to act like a fool on national TV

By December 14, 2003Uncategorized

The Saints are playing the Giants on Sunday Night ESPN, and receiver Joe Horn just scored a touchdown. After his great catch he went to the goal post bumper and pulled out a cellphone that he had stashed in there and pretended to make a call as he walked off the field. Naturally, the officials assessed a 15 yard penalty.

Earlier this year Terrell Owens (San Francisco) pulled a Sharpies pen from his sock after a touchdown and signed the ball and gave it to a fan. What is it with these receivers? I’m tired of Terrell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson, and the other self-aggrandizing, undisciplined fools. Vince Lombardi once told a player who had excessively celebrated a touchdown “next time you’re in the endzone act like you’ve been there before.”

In the case of Joe Horn, his celebration is in a game against the Giants, a team decimated by injuries. He’s celebrating a touchdown against the Giants? This is a team that has only won 4 games this season, and has lost their last five games in a row. The Saints are a pathetic team too, although they have a better record. Their quarterback can barely hold on to the ball (one fumble so far that led to a Giants TD) and Joe Horn is perfecting the art of being an embarrasment as a human being.

The only player on the Saints offense who is both disciplined and talented is Deuce McAllister. It’s embarrasing to watch Horn do something that he had to know was going to trigger a 15 yard penalty, something that he carefully planned before the game even started. I’ll bet if Bill Parcels was the coach he’d bench Horn for the rest of the game; of course, that’s assuming that Horn would even think about attempting something like that if he played for Parcels.

I hope the Giants kick their ass. The Saints don’t deserve to win, and they don’t deserve anyone’s admiration.

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  • Joe Mammy says:

    Correction:the refs don’t CALL silly little penalties from a little pushing a shoving.

  • Joe Mammy says:

    Joe Horn? He hasn’t done shit all year until this game.Football is such a pussy sport anyway. Hockey is where it’s at.There is so much more physical play and talent in hockey than football.Not to mention good fights that are part of the sport andthe refs don’t silly little penalties from a little pushing a shoving.GO WILD!!!

  • Knute says:

    Well, we go our wish: Aaron Brooks was finally benched.For playing too good that is. Aaron Brooks only seemsto play to his fullest potential when his job’s on theline. He played spectacular in his first season as aSaint to win the starting job from Jeff Blake. LastNight, he threw 5 TD after a fumble fest last week.I bet if we put a clause in his contract saying foreach game the Saints lose, you will be fined $10000.Maybe next year he’ll be MVP

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