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Sad news from the Camellia Grill

By August 24, 2007new orleans


  • elodie s. says:

    thank you so much for your kind words

    elodie (his granddaughter)

  • Stanley Feldman says:

    I started at Tulane in 1972. I think the first place I went was The Grill. One of Harry’s expressions was, “Ding Dong Daddy.” Harry made my New Orleans more comfortable in that he was a familiar face who treated you with courtesy. He was a professional who cared a great deal about doing his job right and he took great pride in his work, like so many New Orleans waiters. To this day, I can see Mr. Tervalon as I walk in and look to my right. In my time, one of my favorite cooks was a man named Ernest. We sat with Harry and ordered “Ernest Burgers.”

    Harry Tervalon is one of the reasons New Orleans will always be special to me. Ernie, thank you for the post!

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