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Restaurants are the key to New Orleans recovery

By December 29, 2005Uncategorized

"We’re going to start with just roast beef," said Parkway owner Jay Nix, whose FEMA trailer home is parked just outside, one of the few habitable structures within several blocks. "At least until we can get some staff back and some new equipment in. We got knee deep back here."  Link

Yes, food is part of the soul of New Orleans, and getting the old restaurants back up and running is an important part of our recovery.  Along those lines, check out this blog by New York writer Betsy Andrews who is volunteering in some local restaurant kitchens and reporting on the daily successes and setbacks they encounter.

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  • Chris Laurel says:

    Ernie – I wrote to Mary Moses and I would also like any of your readers to consider what I propose is a FIRST step to fixing the problems in our society: we must fix the legal community.

    I am a 2L at a top law school in New York City. I lived through 9/11 (working, working, working) and I’ve been very much affected by New Orleans. I have spent the past six years as a case manager of billion dollar transactions at top law firms. I know the industry well.

    I have prepared a letter to the dean of my law school and the American Bar Association:

    Click here to read it.

    I would welcome anyone’s input and insight.

    Best regards,Chris Laurel

  • Aaron says:

    I see it’s 5 days after the last post and nothing new is up – good new year’s party?

  • gina says:

    Hi Ernie! I have just discovered your blog. The entry about driving past your old house made me cry. I am so sorry you and your family is living through this. But you sound so hopeful with a lovely does of spite about moving on there. I hope you and your gorgeous kids have a wonderful new year! Thanks for sharing!

  • Spencer says:


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